seagullKhula Dhamma has an array of opportunities for people to start their own small businesses.

Growing our own food will be an important aspect of Khula Dhamma. The food can be traded with the retreat centre or taken to the various markets. There is ample space for nurseries and food production, both at the farming grounds and around the retreat centre.

The Khula Dhamma forest is currently abundant with alien vegetation such as Eucalyptus, Wattle and Lantana. Despite the disadvantages that these plants are known for, they can be used to generate an income. These resources can be turned into fire wood, charcoal and building materials. We currently have a portable sawmill that can be used to cut planks.

The Khula Dhamma retreat centre will have a shop where goods can be traded e.g: crafts, clothing, fresh fruits & vegetables, seedlings, books etc.

There are also opportunities for body workers. They can offer their skills to those who come for retreats and to the many who are holidaying in the nearby coastal villages.


Places for trading:

There are two holiday spots nearby which are frequented by holiday makers. Khula Dhamma is situated 8km away from the Haga Haga and about 40km away from Morgan Bay. The nearest city is East London which is about 60km from Khula Dhamma.

Haga Haga

The Haga-haga beach is adorned by the untainted wilderness of the coast. The shores of this ocean are sometimes occupied by the local woman who have a wealth of indigenous crafts to trade e.g beaded jewelry and woven mats and baskets. Their displays enhance the indigenous atmosphere of this area, introducing holiday-makers to the gems of the Xhosa culture.

Morgan Bay

Morgans bay has a mile-long beach, safe swimming lagoon, picturesque sea cliffs and is a famous holiday destination. The population of holiday-makers increases year by year, yet it still keeps its tranquility. It has a popular and eco-friendly campsite called Yellowwood Park. It has a restaurant, a gift shop and hosts monthly markets where locals trade food, fruits, vegetables and other goods. This is a place where locals and visitors come together.

East london

Lavendar Blue Farmer’s market: At this popular family stop the focus is firmly on organic, healthy, natural produce in many guises, from the free-range grain-fed eggs and multi-seed, chemical-free loaves. The many stallholders offer olive oil and related products, nuts, home-made ginger beer, comb honey, endless jams and preserves (including those for diabetics), sweet and savoury muffins and bakes. Fresh fruit and vegetables come from farms nearby.

Lime Fusion: An outlet showcasing a range of non-toxic products that’s mainly organic including comprehensive organic hair, skin and body ranges, natural mineral make-up, crystal essence natural perfume, organic baby foods and assorted baby products, a limited natural medicinal range, organic cotton feminine hygiene products, organic essential and carrier oils, incense, organic formula house cleaning products, organic teas and coffees, organic non-perishable food and condiments, organic perishables, natural handmade soaps, and more.